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Eprojecta was born with the aim of supporting, solving and technically advising professionals in the management of the risk of any event to ensure the safety of attendees without affecting the show.

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Art concerts and festivals

Sectoral conventions and fairs

Children’s fairs and amusement shows

Major festivals and popular festivals

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Eprojecta was born as a technical engineering office in 1.999 and specializes in event engineering in 2.010.  This speciality allows us to carry out the necessary procedures to legalize and provide solutions to an extraordinary events and activities with large attendees.
The experience of more than 10 years in it allows us to offer an effective service that combines technical-legal advice with the current regulations in force, to be able to meet the requirements of any project and achieving a symbiosis of personal and professional treatment as well as a high degree of effectiveness.

Music concerts & arts festivals

Everything you need to develop an event safely and legally and with the right energy supply

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Sectoral conventions and fairs

We ensure the viability of your corporate event or sector fair regarding to mobility, structure and safety of attendees.

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Children’s fairs and recreational shows

We certify the structure of the tents and the safety of both your electrical supplies and those attending the event.

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Local, popular festivities & markets

Celebrate your popular & local festivals, and all kind of markets with the guarantee of having your power and attendees needs insured and covered.

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Competition and Sports Events

Massive or local sports and competition events are fun but, our job is to ensure a safe development of the event or the safest response in case of any issues.

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Professional trust and experience

Do not add uncertainties to your events. Years of experience back us up when it comes to legalizing and planning events of all kinds.

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What defines us?

Based on the best quality, we always try to satisfy our customers and collaborators. Social welfare, sustainable development and continuous improvement are our strategies for competitiveness in the engineering sector.
To be a reference company with a recognized brand image in all our areas of activity, being permanently at the service of our customers and offering them optimal solutions to their needs.
At EProjecta we strive every day to offer a service of the highest quality to our customers. Based on all these premises, we frame the values of the organization in a context.
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