Palo Market Fest Valencia

Palo Alto Fest is a market located in the gardens of the Royal Gold Nurseries of Valencia. It is based on the concept of “popular street market” that stands out, wherever you look, for its creativity.

The first edition took place in 2016, already with Eprojecta and has been held every year since then thanks to the great reception given to it by the city.
Its installation occupies an area of 20,000 squared metres of all the gardens and allows a capacity of 3,500 people.

If we enter Palo Market Fest, the spirit we are looking for is a place that awakens good vibes, sustainable and healthy. Thus, we will find music, shops, street food, art and entertainment with a lot of design and modernity. Specifically, we will see 2 stages with live music with side bars, tables and chairs to enjoy the music, 150 stalls with vintage objects, hand-made, never seen designs, healthy, crafts, etc., 30 food trucks with all the gastronomic variety you can imagine looking for the street food spirit, children’s attractions as well as the necessary toilet areas, lockers and control.

Many of the items sold are recyclable and / or reusable, such as clothes that are fashionable but at the same time old, vintage accessories, some unique and unrepeatable pieces, etc.

Eprojecta, started the project from the beginning by providing the technical vision when managing the activity and making the report of the activity, self-protection plan to assess the risks of an emergency and train in the organization on how to act in the event of any, and the technical project of the electrical installation.

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