Nov 24

ICE RINK – Manresa 2021

Last year it was suspended due to Covid19, but this year the ice rink in Plaça Sant Domenec returns for the enjoyment of all. The 300m2 facility will be open from November 25 to January 16 and the inauguration will take place on the 27th in the afternoon, coinciding with the Sant Andreu Fair and the lighting of the Christmas lighting.

It will run in the mornings, aimed at schools, and in the afternoons, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and, as every year, it will include a raffle among the people who are going to skate. In addition, in this edition, there is a novelty related to the environment: the responsible company, N’Ice, has incorporated into the installation a system to reduce CO2 emissions so as not to pollute so much.

To make all this possible, eProjecta will carry out the technical visit for the review and issuance of a certified structural soundness report issued by a competent technician according to Decree of recreational shows 112.