Girona Circus Festival

The Girona International Circus Festival is one of the most important in all of Europe, it started in the city of Figueres but in 2018 it moved to the city of Girona. It consists of three different shows: the blue show, the red show, and the final with the gold show. Each is presented in a tent with a capacity for 2,200 spectators.

In each show they perform in a total of 24 attractions, more than 70 artists from 12 different countries. Among them are clowns, magicians, dancers of many types of dances, trapeze artists, jugglers, tightrope walkers, and so on.

The director of this festival is Genís Matabosch. he travels around the world searching talent, in search of shows that have never been seen, and when he finds someone who catches his eye, he takes him to his tent to prepare the perfect number.

The first edition of this festival was from March 1 to 4, 2012 in Figueres, with the participation of 52 artists from 13 countries. But it was not until 2014 that EProjecta began to do the legal technical support, activity and electrical projects, autoprotection plan, security and health basic study and the mobility plan to organize and ensure de security of the large number of spectators inside the circus tent.

December 2014
Festival del Circ de Figueres
Legal technical support
Activity and electrical projects
Autoprotection Plan
Security amd Health Basic Study
Mobility plan

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